Keys To The Bentley

Carl Bentley knows the power of style. He knows that when he meets a client or steps to the stage for a presentation, all eyes are on him. And he makes sure that what those eyes see is someone who values a sophisticated look and embodies a style born from the city of Detroit.

“I’m a super proud Detroiter,” Bentley says. “Style continues to be one of the main themes of what a true Detroiter is. It’s not only the clothing. It’s the way we walk, the way we talk. In my employment, I travel all over the United States and Europe, and when I say I’m from Detroit, people immediately notice the style and pay attention to it.”

As executive vice president of Strategic Staffing Solutions, an international staffing and consulting firm, Bentley has learned how to use clothing to build strong business relationships and help create an air of positivity and energy in working with everyone from clients to colleagues. “If you feel good about yourself, you’ll find a way to create that wonderful cloud around the other person, too,” he says. 

A lifelong Detroiter, Bentley is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools and Wayne State University. He and his wife raised two daughters in the city and have welcomed three grandchildren. And he has his wife to thank for introducing him to 1701 Bespoke and helping him build on his already substantial sense of sartorial joie de vivre. “She gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to have a suit made,” Bentley says. “She got me here and I love these guys.”

The craftsman at 1701 Bespoke have worked with Bentley to further develop a wardrobe that reflects his enthusiasm, intelligence and warm sense of humor. “Your closet should fit with your personality,” Bentley says. “I’m usually dressing to make sure I’m capturing the attention of my customers or a person that I’m highlighting that day. And I’m usually dressing for a color or a particular style of clothing – a sweater or a bow tie that’s more whimsical. My shirt colors are usually going to drive my style. I’m thinking of my audience when I’m dressing for the day.”

On the weekends and out of the office, Bentley maintains a level of style but embraces casual pieces as well. His wife confirms that he owns three pairs of jeans and he supports the idea of socks as statement pieces. He is a man, too, who is known for his golf attire, embracing color when others settle for khaki. 

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